5 Mistakes That Make JOB Interviews Fail Miserably

5 Mistakes That Make JOB Interviews Fail Miserably – Based on the results of your interview, the company will decide whether they will hire you or not. Unfortunately, there are many candidates who fail the interview, not because they are incompetent, but because they make some unnecessary mistakes.

The following is the news of five mistakes that can fail a job interview from the Jooble team:

1. Not on time

One of the most common mistakes that can ruin a job interview is arriving late. This makes your first impression in front of the company ugly. If you think you are going to be late, make sure you have informed the person who will be interviewing you. However, try to always arrive on time for your job interview session.

2. Discuss honorarium and donations

It is very important to understand the salary and benefits that the company provides for the position you are applying for. Because, a good understanding of the company and company policies will help you to answer this.

3. Checking the cellphone

Checking your phone during an interview is one of the most common mistakes applicants make. You need to show the interviewer that nothing is more important than the interview itself. So, make sure that you always turn off your cell phone, before you enter the interview room. If you forget to turn off your cell phone, and it suddenly rings, ask for a moment to turn it off.

4. Talking badly about a previous boss

It doesn’t matter how bad or mean your previous boss was, you don’t have to share that unhappy experience in the interview. Talking badly about a previous employer will only give the interviewer the thought that you would do the same with his or her company.

5. Untidy dress

Make sure that you are wearing formal attire that has been adapted to the criteria of the company where you are applying. This kind of information is easy to find online. Try not to wear anything that stings the eyes.

Here are five mistakes that can derail a job interview. In order not to fail your interview, make sure that you have planned yourself well.