After Shreyas Talpade's Heart Attack, Akshay Kumar Told Actor's Wife Deepti: "Let Me See Him For 2 Minutes" – Ericatement

Iqbal star Shreyas Talpade, who recently suffered a near-fatal heart attack, opened up about how the Hindi and Marathi film industry supported him and his family during the critical time. On ABP’s Majha Katta, the actor and his wife recalled the time his Housefull 2 co-star Akshay Kumar offered to shift the actor to another hospital post his cardiac arrest. Shreyas’ wife Deepti Talpade said, “Akshay Kumar kept calling me and asked, ‘Deepti should we shift him? You tell, we will shift him to a different hospital.’ He again called me in the morning and said, ‘let me please see him for two minutes. I just want to see him.’ I said, ‘you can come whenever you want.’ Hindi and Marathi film industry was there that day for us.”