‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 9 Finale: Where the Couples Stand Now – Ericatement

Bachelor in Paradise season 9 was full of drama, but three couples came out stronger than the rest.

Aven Jones and Kylee Russell had an immediate connection when they arrived at the beach in Mexico and appeared to still be going strong as the season finale aired on Thursday, December 7.

When they got down to the nitty-gritty decisions, however, the duo had different ideas for the future of their relationship. While Kylee, 26, was looking for an engagement, Aven, 30, wanted to spend more time together outside of the Bachelor Nation bubble before getting down on one knee.

“Why is it [that] an engagement, specifically, is the only way to where you’re going to believe that I see a future with you?” Aven asked Kylee during one candid conversation. Kylee, for her part, made it clear Aven was “The One” for her, so she didn’t understand why they weren’t “on the same page” regarding an engagement.

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“I feel like we’re in a really good spot,” Aven countered, noting that he’s “never been happier” in a relationship. Kylee’s “energy shift” was still noticeable.

“This is the first time in a long time I’ve been really, really sure about somebody and I’m trying my best to consider what she’s feeling. I know that she wants an engagement out of this, but if I were to do that and things didn’t work out, I would regret that for the rest of my life,” Aven explained in his confessional. “As much as I believe in Paradise, I can’t not compare it to shifting the same dynamics in the real world. I can’t do it.”

Where Do the Final Couples From Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 Stand Now
ABC/Craig Sjodin

In the end, Aven and Kylee agreed that they didn’t want to “lose” each other over an argument and left the beach as a couple — without an engagement.

Fellow season 9 couple Eliza Isichei and Aaron Bryant had fewer questions when it came to the status of their relationship. The duo expressed their love for each other, participated in an overnight date and left Paradise engaged.

“I definitely could see myself spending the rest of my life with Eliza,” Aaron, 30, said during the finale. “It’s giving forever.”

Where Do the Final Couples From Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 Stand Now
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Joining them as the second engaged couple of the season was John Henry Spurlock and Kat Izzo.

“Being with you, it feels like it’s a love that only comes once in a lifetime,” Kat, 27, told John Henry, 31, before he proposed. “Just know that I love you John Henry and I want to forever.”

Did these three couples stay together after leaving the beach? Keep scrolling for a status update on each duo:

Aven Jones and Kylee Russell

“Kylee’s patience paid off, and she and Aven have blossomed as a couple,” read text on the screen during the Thursday night finale as sweet photos of the duo were shown. “It’s nothing but [fire emoji] from here on out.”

Eliza Isichei and Aaron Bryant

“Aaron and Eliza’s engagement has hit some speed bumps since they left the beach,” their status update revealed. “They are actively working on their relationship and trying to figure things out.”

Where Do the Final Couples From Bachelor in Paradise Season 9 Stand Now
ABC/Craig Sjodin

John Henry Spurlock and Kat Izzo

The twosome “remain happily engaged,” per their onscreen update. “They are moving to San Diego and planning a happy life together.”