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  • Godzilla Minus One has been a surprise hit at the box office, exceeding expectations and earning $42.3 million worldwide.
  • Despite its lower budget of $15 million, the film’s emotional story and stunning visual effects have garnered praise from audiences.
  • The success of Godzilla Minus One demonstrates that a massive worldwide haul is not necessary for a movie to be considered successful.

Godzilla Minus One is a box office success, and the live-action Toho movie has made a ton of money compared to its budget. The Japanese Godzilla movie was released in the United States in December 2023 to relatively moderate expectations for how it would perform. However, Godzilla Minus One‘s reviews and Rotten Tomatoes score helped garner more interest in the movie. Praise for the movie’s emotional human story, great VFX, and terrifying portrayal of the King of the Monsters helped turn a movie that could have had little impact on the box office into one of the last surprise hits of 2023.

The adoration for the Toho movie should ensure that plenty of viewers continue flocking to theaters to watch Godzilla Minus One. Although the box office does not come close to some recent Monsterverse movies or even past films starring Godzilla, the 2023 monster movie is in a rare position where it does not need a massive worldwide haul to be successful. Toho and director Takashi Yamazaki worked frugally to ensure that Godzilla Minus One could be a box office success even if it did not earn several hundreds of millions of dollars.


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Godzilla Minus One’s Budget Is Reportedly Only $15 Million

Godzilla roaring in Godzilla Minus One

Toho has not officially disclosed how much Godzilla Minus One cost to make, but a $15 million budget has been associated with the movie. This information comes from one of the movie’s rave reviews, as Variety called it a “$15 million enterprise.” The reportedly Godzilla Minus One budget is significantly lower than most modern Hollywood movies, especially blockbusters that boast a similar scale. To put the much lower cost into perspective, the Monsterverse movies have all had budgets at least ten times as large.

Monsterverse Movie



$160 Million

Kong: Skull Island

$185 Million

Godzilla: King of the Monsters

$170-$200 Million

Godzilla vs. Kong

$155-$200 Million

How Much Godzilla Minus One Has Made At The Box Office (So Far)

Godzilla Minus One's box office success

The worldwide Godzilla Minus One box office numbers continue to go up thanks to the demand to see the film (via Box Office Mojo). The movie originally opened in Japan on November 3, 2023, and understandably performed quite well there. Godzilla Minus One made $26 million as people celebrated the 70th anniversary of Toho’s franchise. The film was released in additional international countries Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, and Australia, but interest in the monster movie has been quite low. The five markets have only accounted for about $600K of the worldwide box office total.

Godzilla Minus One found a significant audience in America upon its domestic release on December 1, 2023. The movie opened above expectations and made $11.4 million in its opening weekend, coming in third place for that weekend. The current domestic total is $15.7 million, as the movie added a few more million dollars to the haul during the weekdays. The film has been such a success that Toho announced an extension to the planned Godzilla Minus One theatrical run. Currently, the film has earned $42.3 million worldwide, which is great considering the low budget.

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