In Which Ryan Gosling And “Weird Barbie” Give Host Jimmy Kimmel A Ken-ergy Boost – Ericatement

A still from the promo video. (courtesy: jimmykimmel)

New Delhi:

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for a healthy dose of entertainment this awards season because Jimmy Kimmel is set to host Oscars 2024. Just a quick scroll through the comedian’s latest Instagram post and you’ll be in for a treat. Jimmy’s announcement video is nothing short of hilarious, especially after the Oscars faced backlash for snubbing talents like Margot Robbie and Greta Gerwig in the Best Actress and Best Director categories for Barbie. So, how did they decide to share the big host reveal? With a Barbie-themed extravaganza, of course. The video kicks off with Jimmy, looking utterly lost, trying to navigate his way through “Oscarland.” Desperate for directions, he rings the doorbell of a random house, only to be greeted by Kate McKinnon, who introduces herself as the quirky “Weird Barbie.” 

After some banter about which type of Ken Jimmy might be, he finally introduces himself and asks for directions to Hollywood. The quirky adventure continues as Weird Barbie unfolds a giant map, attempting to guide Jimmy on the right path, but he’s still utterly confused. So, she invites him to join her on a ride in the “weird wagon,” a whimsical cartoony car. As they journey along, they bump into another car, sending them flying in the air before landing in Oscarland.

Enter America Ferrera, who delivers an inspiring speech, drawing from her viral Barbie monologue to uplift a nervous Jimmy Kimmel. However, Jimmy’s attempt to reciprocate with a humorous line: “What you’re saying is hosting the Oscars is harder than being a woman,” leads to an awkward moment swiftly corrected by Weird Barbie.

Just when things start to lighten up, Ryan Gosling swoops in with In-N-Out burgers, assuming it’s a pre-Oscars tradition. Jimmy sets the record straight, explaining that the burgers are for Oscars winners only, after the ceremony. Ryan, nominated for Best Supporting Actor for his role in Barbie, tosses the burgers aside, before saying, “Good thing that Greta (Gerwin, Barbie‘s director) has got it in the bag.” Then, Ryan is informed about Greta’s snub. Seemingly poking fun at his earlier statement and the overall situation, Ryan lets out a scream, and others quickly join in.

With laughter in the air, the promo ends with a bold announcement: “Girls grow into women but not all boys grow into men. Some remain hopelessly stuck in a loop of infantile foolishness. One of them will host the Oscars.” 

Take a look at the video:

The 96th Academy Awards ceremony is set to be held on March 10.