Lilly Wachowski to make solo feature directing debut – Ericatement

Lilly Wachowski
Photo: Dia Dipasupil (Getty Images)

Way back in 2016, Lilly Wachowski announced that she would be taking a step back from the entertainment industry, leading to her and sister Lana Wachowski splitting up and working on their own projects for the first time ever. Years later, Lana Wachowski caved to Warner Bros. and made her solo feature directing debut with The Matrix Resurrections—a project that her sister declined to be a part of—and it seems like it’s finally time for Lilly Wachowski to do the same. Well, she’s not making a new Matrix movie, but she will be directing a movie without her sister for the first time.

That comes from Collider, which says Wachowski will direct a film called Trash Mountain starring comedian Caleb Hearon (he most recently played an Uber driver on the new Mr. & Mrs. Smith, but he also worked with Lilly Wachowski on Showtime’s Work In Progress). Trash Mountain, which was co-written by Hearon and Ruby Caster, is about a gay man living in Chicago who has to go back to his hometown in Missouri after the death of his father, who was “an obsessive hoarder” and “left a house full of items, some valuable and some not so, to pick through.”

Wachowski said that the script is “so beautiful and sad and funny,” adding that “queer representation and stories are vital at this time as we are being shoved further into the margins.” Collider says that she signed on “immediately” after reading the script for the first time, as did producer Colin Trevorrow—who directed Hearon in Jurassic World Dominion.

It’ll be interesting to see if this is a “rip the band-aid off” thing and Lilly and Lana both start directing more movies once they’ve both done it alone. They both seem to have some very cool sensibilities that Hollywood could use more of.