Mandy Moore Had a ‘Slim Chance’ of Getting Pregnant Before Baby No. 1 – Ericatement

Mandy Moore.

Mandy Moore is a proud mom to sons Gus and Ozzie after once being told she may not be able to conceive.

“I’ve always wanted to be a mom. Before bringing my two boys into the world with my love, @taylordawesgoldsmith, I was a mom to many, many cats and at times, just as many dogs (and admittedly today, I still am),” Moore, 39, wrote in a Tuesday, January 16, Instagram post. “But there was a time when I thought I might not be able to have kids.”

She continued: “I remember when the doctor told me there was a slim chance of getting pregnant … and then lo and behold to our surprise, I became pregnant with Gus.”

The This Is Us alum and husband Taylor Goldsmith, who wed in 2018, share two sons. Gus was born in February 2021 and Ozzie followed one year later in October 2022.

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Prior to Moore’s first pregnancy, she and Goldsmith, 38, dealt with fertility issues.

“We did ovulation tests, all that stuff,” she recalled to Romper in January 2021, noting she found out there was a problem with her uterus that was likely the result of endometriosis. “I was fully prepared to go have surgery and fix my uterus and hopefully get rid of the endometriosis if it was there. It was nice to have a plan and to know, ‘OK, well, this is why I haven’t been pregnant yet.’”

Before scheduling a uterine surgery, Moore found out that she was expecting. “I was very hesitant to believe it and put any stock in it,” she confessed, noting her past medical issues made her worried about potential complications. “I sort of was holding my breath until 12 weeks.”

During her pregnancy, she was also diagnosed with immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP), which is characterized by a decrease in the number of platelets in her blood. As a result, she had to go through childbirth unmedicated.

Mandy Moore Family

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“It was awful. But I can do it one more time. I can climb that mountain again,” Moore told Today Parents in July 2022 ahead of Ozzie’s arrival. “I wish medication was an option — just the idea of it being on the table is so nice. But we’ll just push forth like we did last time.”

After Ozzie was born, Moore exclusively told Us Weekly that her family “feels so complete.”

“This time is so fleeting,” she told Us in November 2022. “I’m really trying to soak it in all [of] his little noises and his smell. … This newborn phase is so specific and so special and it goes by so fast that I’m just trying to hold onto it as long as I can.”