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On the newest episode of Southern Charm, Craig Conover confessed his desire to become a father made him think about breaking up with Paige DeSorbo.

“I’m sitting around waiting for her to decide if she’ll be ready to move in together,” Craig, 34, told pal Rodrigo Reyes on the Thursday, November 9, episode of the Bravo series. “Me and Paige, we’ve been together for a while now. I know I am right now being like, ‘It’s time to s–t or get off the pot.’”

Craig, who has been dating Paige, 31, since summer 2021, noted that “if it was up to [him],” he would “be engaged by the end of the year.” (The Southern Charm episode was filmed in early 2023.)

“I want that story book life. I do want the white picket fence,” he shared. “I just want to make sure we continue to trend in that direction.”

Craig explained that his “future always consisted of a family with kids,” which led to him questioning whether Paige is worth the wait. “What do I want more? Do I want to be with Paige and be patient to eventually have that family with her? Or do I want the family so bad that I’m going to leave the love of my life?” he pondered, before confirming that he doesn’t want kids with someone he doesn’t love.

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While the Sewing Down South founder revealed he will “never settle” when it comes to his happiness, he confessed with Paige “it does feel like we’re spinning in circles a little bit.”

Craig continued to express frustration with his and Paige’s current relationship trajectory during a confessional interview. “Paige is 30 and when we talk about this stuff, usually she’s like, ‘Well, I’ll have kids at 35.’ Five years from now, I’ll be 40,” he told the cameras. “My biological clock is ticking.”

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Craig and Paige previously discussed the idea of her moving from New York to Charleston on season 7 of Summer House, which filmed in summer 2022.

During an April episode of the Bravo series, Paige confessed, “If you were to propose to me tomorrow it would be amazing. But then it would immediately start the clock of ‘When are you moving down? When are you planning your wedding?’ If you proposed right now at this f–king hoedown with a piece of hay, I would say yes. But it’s a lot. I would be changing my whole life. I will be changing a lot more than you will be. I will be changing my whole life.”

Paige cried over the thought of leaving her family and friends behind. She later confided in pal Amanda Batula, saying, “The thought of getting engaged and getting married and being someone’s wife is very f–king scary. Why doesn’t anyone say it’s terrifying?”

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Despite being concerned on Thursday’s Southern Charm episode of his future, Craig exclusively told Us Weekly in September that he and Paige are “good” after recently celebrating two years together.

“I think we’ve hit a really good stride where we’re not letting the unknown of the future [affect us],” he explained, noting the pair are enjoying splitting time between the Big Apple and Charleston. “I really only had rom-coms to base life off of. I thought you dated, there was a conflict and you got engaged after you made up and you got married.”

Craig pointed out that since summer 2022, the couple have grown and begun talking about the logistics of what’s to come. “There’s a lot more to figure out. Sure, we’re doing well dating now, but we do have to figure out where we’re going to live. We have to talk about money and kids,” he continued. “I’m in a way better place this summer than I was last, and it’s actually embarrassing that I think I could have gone to her parents last summer and asked them [to marry her]. I’m just really happy I didn’t because I’m really happy.”

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