Summer House’s Kory Keefer Addresses Sam Feher Split – Ericatement

Kory Keefer.
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Kory Keefer has addressed his split from Summer House costar Sam Feher.

“Sam and I connected on so many levels but I believe we just weren’t meant for each other, and that’s the hardest truth to admit,” Kory, 33, said in a statement to Page Six on Tuesday, January 16. The reality star noted that despite the pair calling it quits, he had only had “positive things to say” about their romance.

Kory concluded his statement by calling his ex a “special lady” and gushed she is a “beautiful, wonderful, loving woman.”

Earlier on Tuesday, Sam, 26, announced that she and Kory broke up in December 2023 after more than one year of dating. During an appearance on the “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast, she got candid about why she decided to call it quits with Kory.

Summer House’s Sam Feher Confirms She's Dating Winter House's Kory Keefer

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“I had said [‘I love you’] to him and he never said it to me,” she recalled. “He didn’t say it back when I said it to him and he then he never said it for the rest of the relationship and that was a big problem for me. I was like, ‘I think I need to get out … it’s becoming clear.I didn’t break up with him because I don’t love him, I broke up with him because he doesn’t love me.”

Summer House s Kory Keefer Addresses Sam Feher Breakup- We Weren t Meant for Each Other 792

Samantha Feher, Kory Keefer.
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Sam confessed that she and Kory’s relationship went through some challenges after season 3 of Winter House aired in October 2023. During the show, Kory’s costars Malia White and Jordan Emanuel made a move on him despite him being in a relationship. Sam claimed that Kory never prepared her to see that play out on TV.

“What took a toll was watching it back and finding out that I had been lied to by so many people. There are lies that are genuine, straight-up lies – like Malia saying, ‘I never wanted to hook up with Kory’ — and then there are lies by omission,” she confessed.

Summer House s Kory Keefer Addresses Sam Feher Breakup- We Weren t Meant for Each Other 790

Samantha Feher.
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After breaking things off, Sam admitted that Kory was “shocked” by her decision. The pair began dating in summer 2022 after filming season 7 of Summer House. However, Kory and Sam didn’t go public with their romance until April 2023. At the time, Kory exclusively told Us Weekly that he and Sam made things official “about a month and a half” earlier but were casually seeing each other at first.

“At first, I 100 percent thought it was gonna be, like, a little fling because we’re very similar [with] having [dating] rosters and doing our own thing,” he told Us. “So, I didn’t want to have expectations, but the more weeks that we spent together, it kind of just progressed naturally and [became] a little bit more serious.”