What is Email Marketing? Complete Definition of Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing? Complete Definition of Email Marketing – The definition of email marketing is the steps to deliver commercial messages, which are usually to a group of people, using email.

Do you know the understanding of email marketing? Email marketing is an option because it has proven to be effective, even more than other channels that we often hear about.

Call it some of the discussions that we have discussed before such as Search Engine Optimization , Search Engine Marketing even beyond Social Media Marketing . Here are some facts that might surprise you about email marketing.


  • The Importance of Email Marketing
  • Definition of e-mail marketing
  • Email Marketing Overview
  • What are the principles of how to use email marketing?
  • Knowing About Email Marketing from Experts

The Importance of Email Marketing

Did you know according to research published by DMA , found the fact that for every 1 rupiah that you use for email marketing, the average return reaches 42 rupiah. That equates to an investment with a rate of return of 4200%.

Yes, you read that right, that’s 42 times that. That’s a really big number isn’t it?

One more interesting fact that you need to know. Perhaps as surprising as the facts above.

Did you know that according to research from HubSpot , it was found that 73 percent of millennials prefer communication from business to come via email.

As you understand, the number of millennials is very significant and can be used as a potential target.

I think these two facts are enough arguments for you to seriously study email marketing. What do you think?

If so, let’s continue by discussing understanding email marketing.

Definition of e-mail marketing

Let’s refer to wikipedia , the meaning of email marketing is

Email marketing is the steps to send commercial messages, which are usually to a group of people, using email.

Wikipedia definition

In a broad sense, every email sent to potential customers or existing customers can be considered as email marketing.

There are many forms of email marketing. Starting from delivering product offers, modern news, or just birthday wishes delivered by your company to loyal customers.

All these things are meant to build loyalty, trust, or brand awareness .

Sales emails can be delivered to email lists that you collect yourself like your customer database. Or email databases that you can buy from third parties.

But remember, that an email database that is obtained without the agreement of the email owner generally will not provide great benefits to your business. In fact, it can even bring bad impact.

Email Marketing Overview

Dino is a businessman who has a lot of product stock in his house. He has a goal that within 1 month, the stock must be exhausted no matter what.

Therefore, he asked for SEO protection, Facebook Ads and Google Adwords to sell his product and then direct his ad readers to visit the website.

It didn’t take long, it turned out that his efforts paid off. His business has experienced a significant increase. Not only did he earn a sizable profit, but he also found an email address and cellphone number which he considered to be his treasure.

Then he used the treasure to get consumers. He always sends an email to every address he gets. As a result, there are some old buyers who respond to his messages and the risk of returning to trade is even bigger.

From there, Dino realized that his business by sending emails to his customers had a positive impact on his business. He ended up using an email marketing service that would help him run his business, of course in the matter of sending messages by email.

Since then, Dino has regularly sent emails to his customers and it has been proven that this can provide great potential to get repeat orders and also big profits.

From the description above, of course you already understand more about this email marketing phrase, right? For that, let’s look at the next discussion regarding email marketing which has been briefly summarized. The following will present a definition of email marketing that I obtained from trusted sources.

What are the principles of how to use email marketing?

After knowing what email marketing is, the next step is to find out how the principles of its use are. Generally, there are 2 principles that you need to understand, namely manual use and using tools.

Manual use means by sending emails one by one. you must input one by one e-mail to send amessage. This will certainly take a lot of time if the destination emailis in the tens or even hundreds.

However, it’s not perfect if you have thousands of destination email addresses. In addition, it is possible that the recipient of the message will judge that it is SPAM that has accumulated in their email.

Therefore, you need an email marketing tool to make your work easier. What is the name? the name is KIRIM EMAIL, a software whose content is an email marketing service. With these tools, it will be easier for you to send emails in bulk without worrying that participants will judge it as SPAM.

Previously, you must create a destination email list. Then, set the delivery date. After that, just click 1 send button, the email will automatically be sent to all destination addresses.

To be able to subscribe to SEND EMAIL, you can start by subscribing Rp. 99,000 per month for 1000 contacts.

Knowing About Email Marketing from Experts

If counted, there are already various experts and practitioners that you can turn into inspiration. Who are the email marketing experts? They are people who work as professional email marketers. You could say that they have found a lot of money from using email marketing for their business. Here are the names of the champions:

  1. Ryan Deiss

Ryan Deiss who works as the founder and CEO of digital marketer. Ryan and his team, have invested more than $15 million in test marketing over the past 36 months. He has succeeded in getting tens of millions of visitors from the 1 billion emails he sent, and has run approximately 3,000 split tests.

Ryan is not only a CEO, he is also a highly sought-after speaker and consultant. It has even affected more than 200,000 businesses in 68 different countries.

If you are interested in learning with this expert, check out his profile at web.facebook.com/ryandeiss, www.whoisryandeiss.com, www.digitalmarketer.com/author/ryan-deiss, or twitter.com/ryandeiss.

  1. Ben Settle

Ben Settle is a great professional email copywriter. He has taught the system he developed himself to several large companies that apply direct selling, which is certainly very prestigious in the world.

If you’re interested in learning with it, it’s easy to check these links bebensettle.com, twitter.com/bensettle, or www.copyslacker.com.

  1. Noah Kagan

Noah Kagan is an internet businessman from America who is also the founder of Sumo.com and Appsumo.com, commonly known as the Sumo Group. If you are excited to learn with him, just click this link okdork.com, twitter.com/noahkagan.

So, that was the understanding of email marketing that you need to know. If you are still confused, you can ask questions in the comments column. You can also provide advice and criticism for this post. Don’t forget to share this article on your social media accounts! So that the benefits of the contents of this article can also be enjoyed by your friends.