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Whoopi Goldberg is tired of talking about Taylor Swift.

During the Wednesday, January 31, episode of The View, self-proclaimed Swiftie, Alyssa Farah Griffin, brought up the theory that Swift, 34, is secretly the real author of the book Argylle, while chatting with Bryce Dallas Howard. The novel, which was written by Elly Conway, has been adapted into a film that stars Howard, 42, Henry Cavill, Dua Lipa and more.

“Oh my God!” Goldberg, 68, exclaimed as she brought her head down onto the table and laughed.

Cohost Joy Behar was also seemingly annoyed that Swift’s name was brought up in the conversation. However, Howard confirmed that Swift was not the mastermind behind the unpublished spy novel.

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“It’s really important, because Taylor Swift is an icon and works very hard on all the things that she creates, and we’d never want to take credit for something she wasn’t part of. So, yes, Taylor Swift did not write Argylle, but none of us have a full understanding of the mystery around Elly Conway,” Howard explained to the panel. “Matthew Vaughn, the director, his daughter heard about this theory about Taylor Swift and rushed into his room and was like, ‘Why did you not tell me that Taylor Swift wrote Argylle, dad? You should at least be able to trust me?’ And he was like, ‘Hmm, pardon?’ and went online and saw this.”

Behar, 81, attempted to move the conversation along without having to talk about Swift.

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“Alright. OK, enough with Taylor Swift,” she quipped. “I mean, we love the girl, but, alright.”

Griffin chuckled at Behar’s frustration while noting she tries to bring Swift “into every segment.”

Goldberg and Behar’s Swiftie exhaustion comes one day after The View panelists defended the Grammy winner against conspiracy theories that claimed Swift is misguiding the younger generation with her liberal ideology. Swift, who declared her support for President Joe Biden in 2020, has been a hot topic by the right-wing media as they’ve discussed her potential influence on the upcoming 2024 election.


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“They need to calm down, is what they need to do,” Griffin said on the Tuesday, January 30, episode. “This is my Roman Empire. This is all the things I love coming to a head: politics [and] Taylor Swift.”

Griffin, who previously served in Donald Trump’s administration, confessed that she used to watch Fox News. She noticed that the network seems to only cover “conspiracy theories” now, including former Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy’s suggestion that Super Bowl LVIII will be rigged for the Kansas City Chiefs since Swift is dating tight end Travis Kelce and the pair will endorse Biden’s reelection campaign.

“You’re creating conspiracy theories about a pop star because you can’t win an election,” Griffin said as Goldberg interjected it was because the party has “no platform.”